"LIVING THE LIFE!" Our brand new Summer Series

"LIVING THE LIFE!"  Our brand new Summer Series

"Living the Life!"

We're super excited about our brand new summer series, starting on June 24, 2018!

Through this summer, we will explore  "Living the Life!"

This series is based on the fruit of the Spirit - the result of sharing in the abundant life God works in us.

Through this series, you will discover many practical ideas from the Bible about how to seek this overflowing life, how to continue to live this fruitful life, and even how to share and affirm these inspiring and gracious life qualities in others.

We desire for you to start "Living the Life!"
Why don't you check us out and (maybe) discover meaningful and helpful ways for you to be "Living the Life!"

See you Sunday!

And if you want to, let us know what you discover about "Living the Life".
We'd love to hear from you.



Service times
9:31 am (Band);   11 am
Long weekends
(July 1; Aug. 5; Sept.2) 10 am, followed by ice cream, strawberries etc


For more info
Call the church office (905-383-6012)
E-mail  [email protected]