Cal Stafford
August 9, 2020
Cal Stafford
Family Pastor & Youth Ministry

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Matthew 16:13-28 NLT
“Peter stop supporting Satan’s agenda..."

Pastor Cal will be bringing us the next message in his series,

Series: “Adventures in Missing the Point”
Message: “Peter stop supporting Satan’s agenda and get with the program – it is not about you and what you want!"  
Scripture: Matthew 16:13-28 NLT  

There are times in life when something goes completely right, and we step back and say wow that went well.  Then just a short time later we completely misread a situation and say the wrong thing and we get blasted because we totally missed the point of what was taking place because we made it about ourselves and what we want. This Sunday we are going to consider how Peter got it right and then got it wrong and what we can learn from his example.