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As a church moving forward, it may be time for us to get back to the basics. 

To facilitate this, we are holding monthly "Why Church?"workshops. 

Pastor Matt will be leading us through the journey with the hopes of deepening our understanding of our church and our faith.  The meeting will be starting at 10:00 in the morning and running to noon.  It will be both in person and available on Zoom. 

In the first session, we explored how to define a church, how the church got to the point that it is, and what perhaps we can do moving forward.  In our December session, we worked together to develop the language to deal with objections and questions posed by people that we want to invite to church.  We also looked at a few of the other findings from the research project that was presented in the first session.  It is very important to note that attendance to previous sessions is not dependent on attending the next one.  Any person at any time can start coming to the workshops.  

Please bring your Bibles and something to write on. 

A sign-up sheet will be made available, so we will have enough tables and chairs available.