Chedoke Church

Chedoke Presbyterian Church is a vibrant church and we’re on a mission to lead others into a growing relationship with Christ!

We are engaged in active ministry to equip, encourage, and support our members to invest in people and invite them to experience and share in the joy found at Chedoke and in the Lord. We strive to share faith that’s real and relevant to people’s real world, in a real, simple and authentic way.

Our strategy is to create opportunities and environments where people can connect relationally with the community, each other and with God; Grow spiritually in a personal relationship with Christ, and serve strategically at Chedoke and beyond. We believe there are two primary influences designed by God to help us get to know him – the church and family. When these two influences partner, they have a greater impact than just each one alone (“think Orange”).

Consequently people of all ages and cultural diversity are part of Chedoke, and are involved in growing as followers of Christ, particularly through Small Groups- which has been an effective and successful environment in changing lives and having our members take important next steps on their faith journey.

We have a passion for serving our local and international communities through impactful Mission and Outreach, involving as many people from Chedoke as possible.

As exciting as our journey has been, we have a calling and a passion to do more with the opportunities God is giving us for growing impactful ministry. We thank God for being part of this amazing ministry as it is to date. We will continue to take bold next steps, while serving our Lord with even greater zeal, commitment and effectiveness.

Right now we are ready to take a next step and are in the process of seeking new, innovative and exciting ways to be God’s church, while serving our Lord with even greater zeal, commitment and effectiveness.