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VBC Birthday Cake Kits

Buying or making a cake to celebrate a child’s birthday may not be feasible for all family’s that need the support of a food bank, week to week. When it’s hard to feed your family, you often aren’t buying extras like a birthday cake and candles, only the everyday essentials. All children should be able to have moments of joy to celebrate their birthday.

During VBC this year at Chedoke Church, the campers will have the opportunity to create these donation Birthday Cake Kits. Our goal is to provide 100 completed kits! Once finished, these will be shared with local Food Donation Services such as Neighbour to Neighbour (located on the West Mountain) and The Eva Rothwell Center (located in the heart of Hamilton’s North End).

What we need for the birthday boxes……cake mix, cake icing, candles, sprinkles. We also need to include a can of lemon-lime soda such as Sprite or 7UP.  Since not everyone will have oil or eggs on hand, a can of lemon-lime soda will be included as a substitute. Of course, directions and a birthday note will be attached. Beyond the essentials to bake a cake, you may also consider including fun plates, balloons, napkins and birthday decorations as well. All packaging is to be unopened and new.

What we do not need…..the baking containers, as those have already been taken care of. Also, please no large bulk store (ie Costco) sized items. While all the kits will be varied in flavours, we do need to aim to keep size and contents of equal value.

How are we acquiring all these items, you ask?

All churches that are taking part in this year’s VBC, will be setting this challenge forward to their congregation to collect items for us. As well, it will be shared with local churches in the area to see if they wish to take part.

If you do not wish to purchase items, we will also happily accept monetary donations, to which we as a team can use to buy items to round out these kits.