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How We View and Value People

In a world where people are seen, valued, and treated differently, we eagerly share the following statement in this regard with you. We realise that our words can be seen to be leaning either this or that way (or “left or right”!). We don’t want that to be the case. We strive to let our words lean toward Christ. We seek to look at life, and people, solely from His perspective.

Our World Today

The horrific death of Mr. George Floyd in the United States, and the circumstances surrounding the death of Ms. Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Toronto, are painful reminders of the broken reality we live in - a world where people still suffer from racial discrimination. As we are confronted again with the dread of racial discrimination, we recognize there are indeed many forms of discrimination: e.g. against women, based on race, cultural background, sexual orientation, gender, disability, age, physical appearance (e.g. hair colour, scars), name, accent, body shape, reverse discrimination, etc… Any discrimination of any kind falls outside of God’s good will for people – every person has intrinsic value; is made in God’s image.

Chedoke in Today’s World 

By grace, Chedoke has established this Christ-based way of relating to all people – it has been part of Chedoke’s DNA through countless interactions and is reflected in our hospitality and diversity as a faith community.

How We View and Value People

We today re-affirm, promote and boldly declare the immense God-given value, dignity, beauty and incredible potential of every person, and all people! It’s the unceasing desire of Chedoke Church to be a true and loving neighbour of every person. We want every person to person encounter to affirm the intrinsic value of people and to be an encouraging, uplifting, restorative and joyous experience! As followers of Christ, we choose love, no matter what. We seek to put love in action though our deeds, express love through our words, and display love in our attitude. Nothing else matters for us. We turn to Christ in chaos. We encourage every person to do so!