Chedoke, a safe place
At Chedoke, our children and their safety is a major priority. We follow the guidelines set out by the Presbyterian Church in Canada, called “Leading with Care”.

“Leading with Care” ensures at Chedoke that we provide “a climate of safety for children and youth and vulnerable adults …”. (Presbyterian Church in Canada policy and handbook, 2005).

This portfolio is based on the Bible and seeks to create a climate of fairness and justice.

“Leading with Care” Team
Our “Leading with Care” Team and our leaders focus on:
1) safety and prevention (includes all areas of Church-soft and hard) ,
2) training and support of the teachers, leaders and staff.

In Practice
The leading with care team ensures safe environments, evaluates risk factors, prevents abuse and harassment, and if necessary, leaders will report abuse/ harassment issues appropriately and in a timely manner.

For more information please visit the Leading With Care policy of the Presbyterian Church of Canada.